The Spokane Submission Challenge

Thank you for your interest in the Spokane Submission Challenge! We are currently the only tournament in Spokane with a series of 3 per year. We believe that in order to contribute to the growth of Jiu Jitsu, we must facilitate the challenging of the students. It is only by testing the abilities in a “real-life” situation that we can begin to see growth in the sport. This is the fundamental idea behind The Spokane Submission Challenge. 

Spokane Submission Series next Tournament still TBD, Check back for updates!

Submission Only:
Kids 3 min with 1 min overtime
Adults 5 min with 1 min overtime
Overtime: First to score a point (i.e. sweep, take down, mount, back grab, etc.)
Any matches that last past 1 minute overtime will be decided by the referee, Absolutely no interference with referee decision will be allowed.

As we grow as a tournament, we aim to facilitate positive relationships within  Jiu Jitsu practitioner’s as well as to promote healthy competition. If you, or anybody else you know, are interested in sponsoring this tournament, you can reach us at

In order to achieve growth, we must first be challenged.