Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Students will learn the basic techniques – sweeps, chokes, holds, and more. The class will begin with a warm up followed by lessons and drills with partners. Keen attention to detail, patience with yourself, and practice are the keys to fundamentals. In this program students will learn, Basic self defense, Basic chokes, Basic guard passes and submissions, Side mount and transitions, Takedowns, Basic throws and sweeps.

Advanced classes are for those who train to compete in the ring or against to their own goals. The best come to train to improve their skills, roll with the highly skilled, and to receive expert coaching. The advanced class is for those skilled in the fundamentals who are focusing on refining their skills in the ring. Break through plateaus, move forward to your goals, add more skills to your arsenal, and push yourself. Advanced students will start to develop their own game as well as learn Advanced guards, passes, and submissions from all positions. Leg lock (knee, ankle, heel, toe holds, hips). Advanced guard passes and submissions, Inversion techniques, Advanced defense, Advanced choke submissions and more.