Daniel Gadley

About The Gladiator

Daniel “The Gladiator” Gadley is a Professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a professional record of 3-1 fighting in the light heavyweight division. He is a Purple Belt and active competitor in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, even competing at the 2019 World Championships in Long Beach, Ca. Daniel competes because he enjoys competition and getting an opportunity where he can prove that he’s the best. Daniel is also a father to an 11 year old girl who looks up to him as her hero and he fights to inspire her and make her proud. Daniel and his fiancé live in the Spokane Valley and enjoy the Northwest very much!

When he isn’t training for an upcoming fight or Jiu Jitsu match, he is helping younger students and fight team members as a leader within our team. He also particularly enjoys working with his breeding kennel – New Dominion Kennels.

His top three favorite MMA/BJJ athletes are George St. Pierre, Caio Terra, and Gordon Ryan.