Spokane Valley Martial Arts Academy

Marcelo Alonso Affiliation

Lineage in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an important litmus test for the authenticity of your instructors. Our academy’s affiliation with Marcelo ensures that we maintain access to the highest level instruction and demonstrates that our instructors are as committed to learning and advancing as we want our students to be.

Marcelo is a 6th degree black belt under the late Carlson Gracie Sr. We have two visits per year where Marcelo comes to the academy to teach a two day seminar. There is a youth seminar as well as an adult seminar. Many of our students also travel to Seattle twice yearly to attend the seminars and promotions over there.

We are grateful and motivated to be a part of this team. MABJJ!

Team in the cage after Taz win.

Join the Family

The whole is often more than the sum of its parts and this rings true in our academy as well. We are building more than just martial artists and fighters – we are building an extended family. The kids love coming to class so that in addition to working on their skills they can also interact with new friends. The parents looking in on their children look forward to the familiar faces. Our adults programs forge strong friendships and we are always there for one another both inside and outside of the gym. When it comes time to compete, whether in the cage or on the mats, the family comes out in droves to cheer one another on.

Come try out a class yourself or get your child signed up for an intro class today!