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The Valley's Premier Martial Arts Facility - Spokane Valley BJJ

A Spokane Valley Jiu Jitsu school for students of all ages and skill levels. With a family-friendly atmosphere, affordable rates and state-of-the-art facility, Spokane Valley Jiu Jitsu is the best choice for total fitness and self defense.


The Spokane Valley BJJ Academy is the premier Spokane Valley martial arts school. Students of all skill levels are welcome.

Spokane Valley Jiu Jitsu instructors have the experience needed to lead a class to victory. You don’t become a black belt  overnight and it certainly doesn’t come easy. They have all been where you are and are highly qualified to help you over come whatever hurdles you are facing in your martial arts career. They put their heart and souls into helping you achieve your goals. 

Good competitive Jiu Jitsu can be hard to find

Looking for a Jiu Jitsu school near you that is competitive, trains hard and is really good with kids? A lot of people are. You want to find a competitive school that is serious about training high quality Jiu Jitsu, and one that is friendly and kind to kids. Spokane Valley BJJ has it all. 


Spokane Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Marcelo Alonso Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Affiliation

Lineage in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an important litmus test for the authenticity of your instructors. Our academy’s affiliation with Marcelo Alonso ensures that we maintain access to the highest level instruction and demonstrates that our Professor upholds a high standard when it comes to the Martial Arts.

Marcelo has been training and coaching Sport Jiu-Jitsu for well over 30 years and is the most experienced instructor in the region. He possesses a truly extraordinary knowledge of his martial art and sport.
The term “master” is an often overused word in the commercial world of martial arts. However, the word in this instance accurately expresses Marcelo’s vast technical skills, his exhaustive knowledge of the myriad details of his Art which reflect the broad and varied experience that he has gained over decades training and coaching. He has been at times referred to by others as “the encyclopedia” due to his expertise. He has trained thousands of individuals: men and women, competitors, kids, law-enforcement, military personnel, and MMA fighters.

We are grateful and motivated to be a part of this team. MABJJ!

Our Academy

We are committed to changing the lives of everyone involved in our program. Through the power of the Martial Arts, Spokane Valley Brazilian Jiu Jitsu aims to provide an environment that develops personal growth for every student our goal to nurture, and push the development of everyone involved in our program. Developing a family inclusive program, we provide an environment that unites and strengthens the family bond, increases athletic and creative ability.

SVBJJ is now a seven-year-old Martial Arts Academy founded by Professor Adam Smith. Adam (Smash) Smith has been in the Martial Arts for 25 years and is held as a well respected Martial Artist and teacher in the North-West. Adam has achieved a Black Belt in American Kenpo Karate, Black Belt under Professor Marcelo Alonso in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he is a Veteran Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Volunteer Firefighter/ EMT, and a former and future Candidate for Spokane Valley City Council. Adam is well known around the area as a Martial Artist with an extreme passion for what he does and for dedicating much time to his students. Coming from a rough past, Adam knows first hand how much of a positive influence the Martial Arts can have on one’s life, and he is committed to sharing a gift that changed his life, with as many people possible. With already having an amazing, and dedicated student base, and over 7 years under our wings, it is at this time we now know something special is happening at our Academy.

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