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Professor Adam "Smash" Smith

Head Instructor/Owner

American Kenpo Karate Black Belt | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt I’ve been involved in the martial arts since I was 5 years old and could not be more happy with the positive impact it has had on my own life. Being able to witness my students develop into formidable martial artists throughout all of our programs fills me with happiness and a belief that I’m on the right track. We work hard to ensure our students are learning effective combat skills as well as mental and physical toughness.

Brady Hiestand


American Kenpo Karate Black Belt | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt The thing I love about teaching is the opportunity to witness student progress and the moments when they realize how effectively they are advancing.

Dr. Blake McKinley Jr.

American Kenpo Karate Instructor

American Kenpo Karate Black Belt | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Martial Arts has been an interest of mine since childhood but didn’t explore until my mid-40’s.  My oldest son Paul started training at another facility in Professor Skip Hancock’s Kenpo2000 system of American Kenpo Karate the spring of 2006.  After watching from the sidelines and developing an appreciation for the fluidity of movement, the Logic, and the well-rounded foundation and versatility of this Art in both standup and grappling, I decided to start training the fall of 2008.

Jacob Smith


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt Jacob “The Jedi” Smith was first introduced to the Martial Arts at five years of age with his twin brother Adam. Since then, he’s moved from American Kenpo Karate to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s competed in many high level Jiu Jitsu tournaments such as Revolution and NAGA and has come home with many firsts. One of the main things he likes about Jiu Jitsu, other than the familial aspect that the community provides, is that it is a “sport for the nerds” like himself.

Pam Wright


I got started as a student in the kickboxing program because I was looking for a change of pace. I immediately loved the combination of a killer cardio workout while learning legitimate self-defense skills. Now I love watching the new women joining our classes build up their confidence while getting a great workout.

Charlotte McKinley

Assistant Instructor

American Kenpo Karate Green Belt | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt Never in Charlotte’s wildest dreams did she ever see herself holding the lifestyle that she currently lives. Now she can’t imagine her life without it. She started training when she was around twelve years of age, and never stopped. She really enjoys the difference the different Martial Arts disciplines she practices have made in her life: confidence, fitness, and camaraderie with people of varying ages.