Our Team

At Spokane Valley Brazilian Jiu-Jistu and Tazmanian Martial Arts we strive to push each other, students and instructors alike, to be the best we can be. We recognize that our only real opponent in life is our own ego and self. Rather than get too caught up comparing ourselves to one another we focus on being a better version of ourselves each day. We let the competition results speak for themselves. This approach to the martial arts works best when you have a strong team as we do.

If you want to be a lion, you must train with lions. – Carlson Gracie

Adam "Smash" Smith

Co-Owner/Head Instructor

I’ve been involved in the martial arts since I was 5 years old and could not be more happy with the positive impact it has had on my own life. Being able to witness my students develop into formidable martial artists throughout all of our programs fills me with happiness and a belief that I’m on the right track. We work hard to ensure our students are learning effective combat skills as well as mental and physical toughness.

Brady Heistand


The thing I love about teaching is the opportunity to witness student progress and the moments when they realize how effectively they are advancing.

Pam Wright


I got started as a student in the kickboxing program because I was looking for a change of pace. I immediately loved the combination of a killer cardio workout while learning legitimate self-defense skills. Now I love watching the new women joining our classes build up their confidence while getting a great workout.